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Naruto Shippuuden
В мире Наруто незаметно пролетели два года. Бывшие новички пополнили ряды опытных синоби в ранге...
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20 декабря 2012
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Блеск Малышки Хани [ТВ] / Cutey Honey Flash

Блеск Малышки Хани [ТВ] / Cutey Honey Flash постер*
  • 140
Рейтинг: 7/10
Голосов: 3
IMDb: 7.2

Описание: Ремейк сериала 1973 года с чуть другим сюжетом и рисовкой. Этти нет (почти).

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Скриншот Блеск Малышки Хани [ТВ] / Cutey Honey FlashСкриншот Блеск Малышки Хани [ТВ] / Cutey Honey FlashСкриншот Блеск Малышки Хани [ТВ] / Cutey Honey FlashСкриншот Блеск Малышки Хани [ТВ] / Cutey Honey Flash
01. In the Name of Love, the Maiden will Change
02. The Young Woman`s Decision, A Flower in the Sunset
03. The Maiden`s Dream! For Whom is the Bridal Dress?
04. The Tear of the Mermaid Princess: The Father-Daughter Relationship
05. Crossing Fate: Maiden of the Seven Colored Rainbow
06. Unable to transform. Trapped Honey!
07. Sea of Sorrow! Seiji: Memoirs of His Father
08. The Sweet and Perilous Scent! Preserve the Chaste Romance
09. Prince in the Crisis!? The Appearance of a Rival!!
10. Secret Attack Ineffective!? Honey`s Desperate Battle on the Face of Death
11. The scare sneaks along!! ...
12. Honey is at the end. The unexpected attack of Jill
13. Fight with the strength of the love! The last showdown with Jill
14. Appearance of a puzzling fighter!! Overture for a new fate
15. The bell to a new performance. The fight of the two Honeys
16. The love winds round with the hate! Confrontation of the sisters at tennis
17. Shocking revelations! Father reveals the secret to Honey
18. Burning flames of remembrance! Seira`s vow
19. Challenge In swimsuits! Skeletal captain of the ghost ship
20. Panther Claw`s triumph! The secret within Seira
21. The reason is the love. The last fight of the double Honeys
22. Seira dies in the flames! With the love of the father in the heart
23. The end of the love! The light of Honey wins against the fate
24. The breakdown of the school!? A threat through the new panther-units
25. A child of Honey grows up!? Somebody is after the baby
26. The idol is a panther? The hot song-battle
27. The queen of the circuit! Far away... A vehement fight with high speed
28. Her name is that of an evil demon! The compassion of the panther-warrior
29. A big adventure on an uninhabited island! Big excitement about a treasure-search
30. To escape the impossible!? With the enormous train on the way into hell
31. The love vanishes with the passion! A day of the youth of the father
32. The private detective Seiji Hayami has very big hunger! A whole day runs completely crooked
33. The trap in the cosmos! Honeys biggest crisis
34. Honey`s election of love! Seiji against the prince
35. Trust me! The light of love develops its full strength
36. The will to fight! Lightning attack at the pro wrestling match
37. At the end of the crusade. (part 1) The love lies with respect to the fate
38. At the end of the crusade. (part 2) In the dream one sees the victory of the strength
39. Honey as a bride! The light of love shines for eternity
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